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What You Should Know About the Cultured Freshwater Pearl

Cultured Freshwater Pearl | Beautiful Jewelry

Choosing the best pearl for your lifestyle

Searching for stunning pearl jewelry? The first step is understanding a little bit about the cultured freshwater pearl.

A pearl is created when an irritation is introduced into an oyster that it cannot expel or absorb. The oyster reacts to this irritant by forming a substance known as ‘nacre’ which coats the irritant until a smooth pearl is formed. When a pearl is cultured it means that the irritant has been purposely planted into the oyster.

Freshwater pearls are cultured in a freshwater mussel (much like an oyster). They have beautiful color, depth, and luster just as in the pearls produced by oysters. In times past these pearls were so rare that only the very wealthy and those from noble families could afford them. Today, thanks to innovative technology and farming practices, the cultured freshwater pearl can be owned by anyone who wishes to purchase them.

Cultured Freshwater Pearl – It’s All About Quality

Imitation pearls abound on the market, so don’t be fooled by good fakes. It is easy to tell the real thing from the fake with just a few good rules of thumb.  Here are some things to keep in mind when comparing and shopping around for your first freshwater pearl jewelry.

Grading Systems

The pearl grading system goes by a series of A values. The more As, the higher the quality. For example, a pearl with a triple A (AAA) rating would be of a better quality than that of a single A rating.  The higher rating indicates that there are fewer flaws and that the color and luster are nearly flawless.


Luster is a term that is used a lot when speaking about pearls. Luster is a type of sheen, or glow that comes from a pearl. In reality it is the amount of light that bounces off or reflects from the surface of the pearl. If there are flaws, then the luster will be less because less light will be reflected. Real pearls have a superior glow that does not appear dull or matte in nature.


Cultured Freshwater Pearl | Necklace

Believe it or not, pearls come in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on how they are formed in the mussel or oyster. The freshwater pearl may come in an oblong shape, semi-round shape, or the traditional round shape. The more valuable cultured freshwater pearl used to be the pearl that was nearly perfectly round, but these days pearl fanciers and collectors have pearls of varying shapes, sizes, colors, and styles. It really comes down to the owner’s preference.

Cultured Freshwater Pearl Jewelry at DesiredPearls

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